Thank you for considering You May Kiss the Bride for the honor of performing your wedding ceremony.

Your wedding day is the foundation of the rest of your lives together, and your ceremony is the focal point around which the day revolves. It is uniquely yours, to be remembered always with joy and love. Our goal is to assist you in creating a service that complements your personalities and the love you share.

The most important task entrusted to an officiant, a wedding coordinator, and everyone involved in the production of your wedding is to create that perfect moment. It’s when, after months, possibly years of preparation, the groom is standing in front of the most important friends and family he and his bride-to-be have in their lives, the venue has been prepared according to their preferences, the music, the lighting, the flowers, and everything else is perfect; the bride enters the room like a vision, she begins her procession, she sees her groom,their eyes meet, and it’s magic.

This day is not about us: it’s about you, and we will do whatever we can to ensure that you, your ceremony, and your marriage shine through.